All I want for Christmas

All I want for ChristmasI stopped looking up to god for specific things a long time back. For it is possible that what I think I need or is good for me might not be. And also it wouldn’t take god, if he exists, too long to realize that this kid only comes to me when he needs something. Since then my prayers have been super generic leaving all the burden on god himself to figure out what is good for me and then make that happen. Now it is hard to keep this resolution. Time to time I am in the mood to tell god that it is the right time for my Maserati and that a Gulf Stream makes sense now. Festive times are especially hard when you are constantly tempted to make a request or two. Today also I have a list ready of things that I want from god as my Christmas present. Again I will not ask for anything specific or materialistic but again it would not be as vague as world peace (dear god, if you could manage, world peace would be nice). I am a selfish being and most of my desires are local.

Smiles for the people I love and people who love me - all the wealth and all the tasty foods of the world combined cannot match the happiness that the smile of a loved one can get you. Please always give them the reason to smile. Make me the mean to it if you can.

Common sense and empathy to fellow citizens - patriotism is a virtue that does not come naturally to me. I am an Indian by the way of default and I feel no shame in accepting that India would not have been my first choice if I was indeed given one. But that does not mean that it has to be like that. I would be happy to see India grow and shine and contribute to it myself. And I think this would start with us Indians getting some common sense and empathy. The world would be a better place if we only start to honk less.

A strong will and resolve - although I have been blessed in that front by you there are times when I begin to falter and my will gets weak. Make me strong to accomplish the goals that you have set for me.

More clients and employees like I currently have - I cannot express in words how awesome my clients as well as my employees are. The clients treat us like their team and the employees treat us like family. Keep it like that and give more power to them.

More hours in a day - please if possible add a few more hours in a day. 24 is just not enough. I would like to read and write more. Maybe spend time with my loved ones more. Or teach me better time management.

Harder challenges - I am where I am because I overcame the challenges that you threw at me and in the process became a better man. It is time to take things to the next level. I am ready is you are.

This is my tiny list of a few things that I want this year.

PS : this note has been written on a phone. So please forgive me for any spelling or grammatical error. Also visit this link to hear Mariah Carey sing what she wants for Christmas.

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