How to find happiness

How to get happyThe ultimate goal for anything and everything that we do is to be happy. The entire human race fights with life every single day to find happiness. Or at least for what we believe would be the means to happiness. We run after material gains, social stature and anything that we think we need to be happy. What really surprises me that even though everyone is working just to be happy, still there is so much sorrow in the world? Every man is constantly pursuing happiness and yet he is able to find sorrow which he is not even looking for. I know in the cycle of life bad times are bound to come. And sometimes they tend to stay for long and that would naturally make one sad. But being sad and quitting happiness are two very different things and quitting on happiness is the worst thing that one could do. Sorrow is a very powerful emotion it is very easy for us to be influenced with the smallest amount of sadness. Now I cannot tell you where to find happiness for I believe all the happiness that you need is within you only. In the bad times it is just pushed to the back of our minds by the sorrow and tensions that take the lead. It is not lost or destroyed but just hidden. And it is easy to assume something hidden from our sight to be lost. I am not a spiritual guru or an enlightened mind who will bestow on you eternal happiness or the meaning of life. What I am is someone who has experienced sorrow and I can share with you what I do to get past the sadness and find the happiness that is hidden deep within.

All bad times come to an end – It is easy to believe that the bad times stretch for eternity and the good times just vanish very fast but that actually is not true. Life is nothing but a series of random events that take place one after another governed by the probabilities that are defined by your past. What this means is that no longer how long a phase lasts or what kind it is, it will come to an end. Good times will succeed the bad times and to look forward to those good times is enough to give you hope.

Life is long and short at the same time – It takes only a moment for life to end. That moment could come today or tomorrow or 100 years from now. But all it takes is just one moment. Which means we need to start living our life one moment at a time. Which means the most important moment in your life is the one that you are currently living. Now if this is the most important moment in your life would it not make sense to concentrate on the happy things in life than the sad ones even if the sad ones heavily outweigh the good ones. Always live every moment as if the next could be your last and this is the only life that you have.

Concentrate on what you have and not on what you don’t - Happiness in not something one can achieve or gain directly. So we relate happiness with things or actions (vessels) that we think make us happy. They could be material items, social actions or anything else. We measure our happiness as we measure these vessels. We believe the more we get the happier we are. But what we in turn do is the exact opposite. We correlate the absence or lack of these vessels with the lack of happiness. Which to be stating simply means that we get sad when we don’t have what we want. We tend to lose focus from things that we have and worry about the ones that we don’t. You might have all the wealth in the world but the thought that someone else has more is enough to make you unhappy. But does this makes sense? I don’t think so. We are so engrossed in pursuing the things that we think will make us happy that we forget what we have. We need to remember that if there are people who have more than what we have, there are also people who have a lot less than us. I at times am thankful that I have a full head of hair, an able body, a caring family and a few good friends. Anything above and beyond is a perk.

Life is same for all – No matter who you are, no matter where you are, young or old, rich or poor, the cycle of life is the same for everyone. Good times will come after the bad times and the bad times will follow the good one. This means that when you are having the supposedly worse days of your life and everyone around you is having a good time it does not mean that life is unfair. What it just means that everyone gets their share of good and bad times and it does not make sense to compare your bad time with someone else. You never know what kind of pains the other person has or will see.

I am not a philosopher nor am I an expert on happiness. All I know is that I truly believe in these points and with the help of these I am able to get past the darkest times of my lives. This is the 50th post on my blog and I wanted it to be something that I could share with everyone. I know these are not the things I usually talk about but I really feel that the world could use a lot more happiness than it has.

PS: I wish to apologize to my regular readers for my tardiness and this long gap between posts. I am thankful for your time and I will try to be regular in future. Thanks for tolerating me :)

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