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How Truecaller works on iOS and what sucks about that.

I have always liked the product Truecaller. As someone living in India it is more of a necessity than a utility considering telemarketers will not give a single f* before calling you at any time of the day. What sucks is that Truecaller does not work on iPhones. Primarily because of the closed architecture of the iOS that does not provide hook or access to any app to get access to the dialer. What that means is that Truecaller does not get access Read more »

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Hacker News Chrome Extension

I am an ardent fan of the Google Chrome browser and it is one of my “essentials” when working. I have tried a lot of times to write a chrome extension of some sorts but the project always got abandoned in the middle somewhere. This time I came around completing it for a change. It is a very small but a very useful extension. I am an avid follower of Hacker News and one peculiarity that I see in their links is that they open in the same page when clicked. This is kind of irritating for me for I do not like opening HN again in a new tab or going back to read yet another article. This is what my extension changes. On installing the extension updates the Hacker News links in such a way that they open in a new tab when clicked.

I personally find this of great utility and I am sure there are others out there who will like it as well. Some features of the extension

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