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Happy Women's Day! Now let's talk about gender pay gap

Today is Women’s Day (2017). So Happy Women’s day. Now I would not wax poetic about the importance of women in our lives in all the forms and how we all should be thankful. I could, but I don’t think I’d have anything new to say which hasn’t already been said, so I won’t. Instead, I would want to discuss a topic, an issue, which I feel needs a lot more discussion and I think I can contribute to it. Lets discuss the gender pay gap. Read more »


Dear Karan Johar I am happy for you

Fatherhood, compared to motherhood, is almost never celebrated. It is. But the reverence that is given to motherhood completely overshadows it and there is no denying that. When it comes to a child, everything is about the mother. And rightfully so. She is the one who gave her sweat and blood, literally, to bring the child to this world. Read more »


All good things need to be forced

This is what my usual day looks like. I am up by 6.30 am and in the gym by 7.15 am. Depending on what my workout of the day is I usually am able to come back home by 9.30 am (showered and ready to leave for office). I am in my office by 10.30 usually and unless I have a meeting elsewhere I am there till at least 8 8-30. I reach home by 9 9-15, depending on the traffic, where I spend the next 1 hr or so having dinner and catching up with my wife. Read more »


Raees, and the genre of mediocre movies

Raees in an unforgivably mediocre movie. But honestly, the mediocrity of a film is never the real problem. A lot of times a project that seemed like a great idea, in the beginning, ends up with a not so good execution. Passable movies as an end product are definitely not the problem. The problem, especially with this one, is that clearly the makers of Raees were actually only aiming for mediocrity. Read more »


India cannot be saved

Yesterday Sushma Swaraj, the current Foreign Minister of India, threatened Amazon to remove from its Canada store an item or face severe consequences. The item in question is a doormat with the Indian flag and the consequences are the denial of visa to Amazon officials and even rescinding of the visas of Amazon execs already here. At this point, I do not have any appropriate adjective to express what I feel about this whole matter. If I had to explain my thoughts in one phrase, it would be “why is this happening?”. Read more »


Iniquitous Zomato and how to screw customers

This is going to be a rant post about how @Zomato service and customer care royally screwed me over Wed night. You have been warned. I wanted to initially make this a twitter rant but this got way to long for that. Also, I want this post to reach Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal so please share. And yet that’s a clickbait title. I am salty; deal with it.

I was working late this Wednesday (23 Nov 2016) with a teammate and the client. Around 10 PM we decided to order food since it seemed like we were going to pull a late nighter. It was decided that butter chicken and roti was to be had. I quickly opened Zomato Order and found a decently reviewed nearby place named Sighri. The order placing process was complete by 10.27 PM (ref attachment). Now Zomato has this process of order acceptance in which only placing the order does not guarantee food but the restaurant has to accept it. Which Sighri very graciously did and I was informed that the order will reach me by 11.22 PM. (ref image).

Zomato Order Confirmation

Now 2 points to be noted here

Read more »


Stop this 500/2000 note GPS tracking nonsense

I cannot believe that I have to explicitly put it in words but looking at the misinformation out there this needs to be done as this is really annoying the techie in me. THE NEW 500 AND 2000 NOTES WILL NOT BE TRACKABLE. Identifiable - Maybe. GPS trackable - Absolutely not. Read more »


Why would today's youth join the armed forces?

Last week an ex-serviceman committed suicide over the delay in implementation of OROP. It is saddening to know that a man who gave his life to the service of the nation had to kill himself because there was a delay in getting him what he deserves. I had been meaning to write this post for a very long time but this is what finally brought me to writing it. Read more »


Our Ratings

Almost all of us at one time or another have been guilty of trying way too hard on social media to be funny, witty and smart to gain likes, hearts, retweets, followers and what not. Way too hard. The reason I am bringing this up is because I was deeply influenced by a single episode of a TV series. Now usually my social commentary about TV and movies is usually limited to discussion with friends and a mere single Read more »

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