Ajmal Kasab should not have been killed

A man was killed. It can and should not be the reason for anyone to be happy. For it changes nothing. It does not bring back those he killed nor will it deter any such events in future. It happened too late for an example to be set. I am not against death sentence but he should not have been killed. They say heaven and hell both are present here on earth. He should have been shown hell. Here. I am not talking about torture. That doesn’t work. I am taking about public shaming of such people. To the extent that they stop feeling any sense of so called martyrdom for which they work. To set such an example that any one else thinking of doing anything of such sort in future would shiver in their souls thinking about the outcome. Revenge does not solve anything. You know the “an eye for an eye” drill. It’s always about being prepared for such mishaps and in case they happen, make sure they don’t happen again. Now kasab is dead. No more suffering for him. His overlords will make an example out of him to recruit more fools who will be willing to kill others and themselves for reasons they don’t even properly understand. They will call him a martyr. And that he has achieved his virgins. Ajmal Kasab should not have been killed. Nothing good has come out of it for us. At least I don’t see it.

Note: I know I don’t usually write about such topics but this is an important issue. Also I am sure a lot of people will disagree with me. I too want to disagree with me but this is what I feel. I am sorry if I am hurting anyones feelings.

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