Why I dont listen to Stairway to Heaven

Let me start b saying that I love “Stairway to Heaven_”. It is hard to not love it. I love it so much that I avoid listening to it. It might sound strange and I have a perfectly good explanation for that. _Stairway to Heaven is an 8 min long song which I am perfectly OK with. I don’t even dislike the fact that it starts of slow, because the gradual change in tempo is a major part of its greatness. The only issue I have is that if I listen to it, I have to listen to it 6 times (or more). I am physically incapable of listening to this song less than 6 times in one go. Why? Here it goes.

First time I listen to the song because, well, I wanted to listen to it

Second time to appreciate the simple yet so deep lyrics that Jimmy Page and Robert Plant wrote. When they say it, it really does make me wonder. I try not to be swayed by the music in this turn and concentrate only on the lyrics.

Third time just to listen to Plants vocals. You just have to do that, try to zone out the music and listen to him sing.

Fourth time to wonder how Page and John Paul Jones pull of such an amazing transition from low to high tempo. It leaves me awestruck every single time.

Fifth time to enjoy the awesome work done by John Bonham on the drums in the end. You would think that Page and Plant dominate the song and they kind of own it but you have got to listen to the amazing work done by Bonham in the end.

The** sixth** and the last time I listen to it because you have got to listen to it again. It is such an awesome song.

This easily makes it a 1 hr job for me and I know that I would not settle for less.

All this might sound extreme but that is what makes it the greatest song and Led Zep the greatest band in the history of Rock ever. If you do not believe me then listen to it and decide for yourself.


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