Get Hired Series: Telephonic Interview Checklist

Telephonic Interview ChecklistSo far I have in this series I have shared 2 checklists that a job applicant should consult when he is applying for a job. In the first part we discussed how he can make sure that his résumé is free of errors and avoid common pitfalls. In the second installment I shared the do’s and don’ts one should follow when composing the email that you send to the prospective employer. In this post I will discuss the points a job aspirant should take care of when faced with a Telephonic Interview. A telephonic interview is a common practice in the tech industry where a recruiter can have a brief discussion with the applicant and make a judgment as to whether the candidate should be called for the next round. I personally am fond of this process as due to its convenience for both the parties. Also most of the times within the first few minutes of the conversation you are aware if the candidate is good enough to be called. So it makes sense for candidates to be ready for a telephonic interview. This time again I’ll be sharing the points in the form of a checklist and will be providing explanations wherever required.

  • Am I ready on time – Never forget that you have a telephonic interview lined up so that you can make yourself free for it.
  • Do I have a sensible caller tune – Although it is a personal thing I’d still recommend that you go with the standard ringer or some sensible caller tune. Not many employers would be too keen to know how “your milkshakes bring the boys to the yard” or how “bit**es are none of you 99 problems.”
  • Have I chosen the best possible spot – the beauty of the telephonic interview is that it happens at the place of your comfort. Stand where you know the signal strength is good and there is no/minimum ambient noise. It would not be beneficial to you if you have to scream or repeat every answer.
  • Do I have my résumé in hand – always keep with you a copy of the résumé that you had to this particular recruiter. Ideally you should remember what you have written in your résumé but you should be ready just in case some “weird” interviewer like me asks you the objective as mentioned in your résumé.
  • Do I have a paper and pen ready – Just in case you have to solve some small problem or atleast note down the variables that the interviewer is providing.
  • Have I prepared my fundamentals? – In a telephonic interview it is not possible for an interviewer o ask lengthy or detailed questions that might require explanation or the need of pen and paper, so most of them stick with asking short and basic questions about the fundamentals.
  • Did I greet them properly –Although it is a good life policy to always answer the phone with a polite and gentle hello, please be more careful when expecting an interview call. Arrogance is good but only in your work.
  • Are my answers to-the-point and precise – telephonic interview is only the first level of screening so it is advisable that you keep your answers short and to-the-point to avoid unnecessary lengthening of the process. This does not mean that you skip a detailed answer if it is required but just don’t make redundant statements.
  • Have I kept my clicks and flips silent? – Although we expect you to not refer to any external source for answers, we would really appreciate if you made an effort to make sure that we don’t hear you clicking on your laptop or flipping pages of a book.
    These are all very small but very important points that can determine if you ever get a call to get to the next round. If you keep this mind, you will never have a bad telephonic interview.

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