Learn to say NO

Learn to say NOIn one of my previous posts I had shared a trick that I use to increase positivity in my life. I do that by minimizing the use of negative words and replacing them with neutral or even positive phrases. Now one exception to that rule is the word “NO”. No is something that one should never shy away from. We all know the powers of YES. It opens new gates for us and provides us with great opportunities. It is a good idea to say Yes and try new things in life and Yes is the true symbol of positivity. But that does not mean that No is less important or less powerful. It is in fact equally important as a Yes. When I was working as a software developer, before Green Apple Solutions, one day my boss told me – “Akhil, You have to learn to say no”. At that time I did not truly understand as how saying no to my client and my work would help me in any way. But now I know. I know the power of No and the benefits it can do when used wisely.

Say no to people who waste your time. Say no to friends who are not there when you need them. Say no to the anchors who are pulling you down while claiming to be your friends. Say no to teachers who expect you to just remember and not understand. Education is beyond the questions at the end of the chapter of the textbook. Say no the job that you are not really enthusiastic about. Don’t let desperation take you over & don’t follow the herd. Identify what you want to and fight to make it happen. It’s easy to get pressured or distracted and get stuck in a rut of a life. Say not to pressure and distractions. Say no to thankless bosses who feel that they own you. Work only when you work with them and not for them. Say not to incompetent employees. Look harder and you will find the right one. Say no to clients who don’t value your work. Who feel that they own you and don’t give you credit for the work that you do. Who purposely delay your payments or undermine your work. Say not to abusive relationships. If you don’t get what you deserve you don’t have to stay. Say no to stupid Facebook updated and random friend requests. Say no to bad habits. Say no to anyone who doesn’t treat you right. Say no to the status quo.

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