Things you will always find in my bag

Things you will always find in my bagWe all have some ‘must carry’ items in our lives. Some items like laptop, phone, wallet etc. are applicable for almost everyone but there are some things unique to everyone that they always like to carry with them. Those could be anything from mundane everyday items to something extremely specific and these things are a great indicator of the kind of person you are. Here are 4 items that I always carry with myself in my bag with reasons about why I carry them

A pair of good earphones – Even if I don’t use it often I always make sure that my phone is loaded with my favorite music. I use music for a lot of things apart from just entertainment. It gets me up when I am low, helps me think and realize the more complex concepts of life. So it is important that I always have my earplugs when I need them. Using them I can make any place my safe/happy place.

A pencil – Pencils happen to be my favorite writing instruments above all kinds of pens, markers and highlighters. Even though I always carry a pen as well, I make it absolutely sure that I have my pencil with me. I love pencils for the simple fact that even though I usually don’t, I always have the option of fixing my mistakes. That gives me the confidence to try new things and make new mistakes which is really helpful in this hard entrepreneurial life. I prefer Staedtler mechanical pencil which I have liked ever since I was introduced to them in engineering school.

A book – You never know when you might be stuck somewhere waiting for someone or something. For such times I make sure that I am carrying a book with me. I prefer non fiction for this purpose as I don’t have to remember the plot when I intermittently read the book. The book I am carrying these days and my personal favorite for this purpose is Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”. Not only is it a remarkable book but it is perfectly sized for carrying around. Even if you don’t carry it around with you I would recommend everyone to read it.

A gift/souvenir from a loved one – Every now and then when I am going through my bag looking for something I will come across this souvenir and be surprised. Its purpose is to remind me what all this is about. What I am working for and what the most important things in life are.

I am sure by now you must have identified the things that you always like to carry. Do share what those are and why.

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