Book Review : Modern Romance

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Lets do on thing. Lets take a break from the genre of dystopian novels and discuss something else this time. I recently finished watching Master of None, highly recommended by the way and that gave me an idea that we can in todays video discuss Modern Romance. A book written by Aziz Ansari the protagonist in Master of None and a well know comic. Most of you might have seen him in Parks and Recreations and his own standup specials. I read this book very recently and saying that this is an enjoyable book would be an understatement. Now one would assume that a book written by a comic would be humour only with very little meat. One would be wrong for assuming that. How do I put it. This book is freakonomics with humour on steroids if that means any thing.

In short this is a very funny research book. At this point I must mention that Azis is not the sole author of the book. Eric Klinenberg, a sociologist and a New York University professor is the co author of this book.

The prime focus of the book is to study how romance has changed over a period of time especially the last decades. One of the key concept discussed in this book is how number of choices affect relationships. How having many choices, the way current generation has, could be making it harder for us to find our romantic partner.

In this book Aziz speaks to old people about their experiences and views, about how things worked when they were young and what they thing about how romance has changed over time. He uses social media and reddit to conduct surveys and gather stories. He travels to various countries having extremely different cultural values and studies hxaow romance happens there.

Things I liked about this book

It was narrated by Aziz himself. It was like attending a very intelligent and researched standup show at times. He goes to an extent to tease us about how we are too lazy to read a book and are making him read it for us and how we are missing out on all the cool charts and figures.

The book is extremely well researched. As I said, knowing that Aziz is primarily a comic i did not anticipate the level of research and accuracy that has been put in it.

The book hit the mark. Since this is a new book and talks about topics which pertain to every single one of us it is extremely easy to relate with the anecdotes and the narration.

This is a fun book which you can read even if you are no longer single and seeking a partner. There is something in it for everyone.

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