Dear Karan Johar I am happy for you

Fatherhood, compared to motherhood, is almost never celebrated. It is. But the reverence that is given to motherhood completely overshadows it and there is no denying that. When it comes to a child, everything is about the mother. And rightfully so. She is the one who gave her sweat and blood, literally, to bring the child to this world. She continues giving even after the child is born. In comparison to this, a father seems rather small. He is standing somewhere in the blurry background. He is happy with whatever credit he gets in return for whatever fatherly duties he fulfills. Many girls dream (not sure the right word, seems strong) of being mothers some day. Detailed stuff. What they will do with their kids, what kind of mother they will be and what not. People do not expect men to be like that. The idea that a boy thinks about being a good father one day seems weird, almost alien. I am not sure why this but I can say one thing. It’s not that true. Many men want to be fathers. They want to be the one who provides for a young life and be someone the little ones look up to. This must be exactly what must be going through Karan Johar’s mind. Irrespective of what his social, economical, political or personal life is, I can completely understand his desire of becoming a father. What I admire more is that going against societal norms he went for it. Unlike a lot of us, who let go of our wishes and dreams just because “what will the world think” he made it happen for him. I am happy for Karan Johar. You should be too.


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