I don't think I am ready to go back

New Normal I don't think I am ready to go back. I think my mind has accepted the new "new normal" as the, well, "normal". I am perfectly fine working with all colleagues remotely. I don't mind the extra work that I have been doing owing to there being no "stop-time" anymore. I don't mind pulling a few extra hours that I need to make up for the lack of close up collaboration. Zoom is OK to me. I don't really miss the office parties that much. I do miss the change of scene I get when I go to work sometimes but that seems like a fair price to pay. I don't want to waste any more life "commuting". I like how sometimes I feel I have forgotten how to drive. I am happy with this slightly cleaner air. I am happy with the true objectivity of work. I am happy with the succinctness of conversations. I am happy to save the time wasted in banter. I am proud that I am eating a little healthier. I feel good that now I have time to exercise. No exercise, but time still.

But most of all I’ve tasted the blood. That I can be a better part of my family. Interactions are a lot more than morning and night. Quality time doesn’t have to wait for the weekend. I get more “me time”. I am writing more. This. I have more time to be alone.

I think I prefer this. I don’t think I am ready to go back.

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