The worst book I have ever read

The worst book I have ever read

In front of me right now is the worst book I have ever read in my life. I could say ‘in my life so far’ but I really doubt I am ever going to read anything this bad. It is a 60-page fiction which is effectively a 30-page book because every dialog is first written verbatim first in Hindi (in English script) followed by its translation in English. There is hardly any sentence in the book that does not have a glaring grammatical error and there are a few spelling mistakes here and there as well. I could not go beyond the 5th page (10 if we are being pedantic) because at that point in the story a minor gets raped, very casually. It was more than what I could endure and that when I stopped.

So. Why if the first place did I even buy this book? The author of this book is someone who used to work with me. The only reason I actually bought this book was to show my support to her & I knew even before ordering that this was not going to be a great read.

Yet this book now has a prominent place on my desk where it is in front of my eyes all the time. Every time I look at this book I am reminded of the author who just went out and did her thing. Every time I have a thought in my mind that tells me that I am not good enough to do something and it would be a futile exercise to pursue a dream I look at this book. This book is someone’s dream that actually came true. You and I might now like it but that honestly doesn’t really matter. She wanted to be a published author and that’s exactly what she became. This book reminds me of the real importance of going beyond just dreaming and planning and actually following through on ideas.

This book ask me to be the person who GETS THINGS DONE.

PS: The name of the book/author was not shared to protect her privacy. I hope that’s understandable.

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