What is the harshest truth you’ve ever learned

Every now and then there comes a tread on Reddit that’s a true goldmine. Yesterday I stumbled upon one such great thread. It was an AskReddit thread with the question - “What is the harshest truth you’ve ever learned?”. The answers were truly astounding. Some were things I already knew but most were things that I knew but didn’t realize how deep they went.

Here are the top 10 points from the thread which I wanted to document for myself and share with everyone. Links to original reddit comments are provided with each point.

  1. Sometimes you are the bad guy. 🔗
  2. That no matter how much you care for and value someone they’re never obligated to be the same to you. Especially friends 🔗
  3. Even your best friend can turn into a stranger rather fast 🔗
  4. Doing your best and giving it your all doesnt always mean things will turn out the way you want. Sometimes things just go bad. 🔗
  5. I am nowhere near as smart, nice, or likable as I thought I was to myself. 🔗
  6. Loving someone unconditionally, and being willing to do anything for them doesn’t mean that they will feel the same way about you 🔗
  7. Every organization, no matter how lauded, how aspirational, how trusted, is still at the end if the day comprised of very fallible humans. 🔗
  8. If somebody doesn’t want to be helped you can’t help them. 🔗
  9. You can do everything right, give something 100% effort, follow all the rules and still fail. 🔗
  10. In a relationship, love is not enough. 🔗
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