Open Reply of a Delhi Boy

Today I stumbled upon an article titled “An Open Letter to a Delhi Boy” at a lot of places in my social sphere. It was being cheerfully tweeted and retweeted about in my twitter stream and was shared multiple times on my Facebook wall. Some people had even gone to the extent of copying the damn thing to take credit for the same. I did read the article, but to great disappointment. Even though the lack of depth of the piece was “in your face” apparent, it was still gaining popularity. All of a sudden every girl could relate to it and every boy was defending himself. The reason for its popularity is quite clear though. It’s fun to see some one diss someone else in a well formed and articulate manner. Personally I feel the article itself is quite amusing but very inaccurate. So I decided to take on my shoulders the burden to provide a proper response on behalf of all “Delhi Boys”. Before I continue let me give you a fair warning. Though I will sincerely try not to pick up the tone of the aforementioned article or the kind of words, being a “Delhi Boy” I might get emotional and should be duly excused for the same.

Firstly let us define “Delhi Boy”. I am a Delhi Boy. I have my roots in UP and MP and I have a strong punjabi connection as well with all the colleagues and friends. I drive a small hatchback car and am usually seen wearing a Levis Jeans. I have never and might never read Vogue but I have never/will never miss an issue of Top Gear. I listened to Sonu Nigam and Bryan Adams as I was growing up and have decently evolved to admiring Md. Rafi and Led Zepplin. I might not brag about the few foreign trips I have made but I will definitely make sure that you are aware that I attended a specific ODI match that India won. I am an omnivore who can chow down on any cuisine. In the above said sentences if you replace all the I’s with “Delhi Boy” it won’t be wrong. This is the apt description of a common “Delhi Boy”. I will not deny that the samples that you talked about do exist, maybe even in great numbers, THEY STILL DO NOT REPRESENT A COMMON DELHI GUY. These are pretty much the generics of a “Delhi Boy”, feel free to interact with any random but genuine “Delhi Boy” for specifics.

Secondly, I am still not able to point out who/what is the real problem area - Punjabi Delhi Boys, Delhi Boys, North Indian Boys or just Boys. There is very little that can be done about your issues with Boys in general and North Indian Boys and we have already covered the part about “Delhi Boys”. If you have a problem with Punjabi Delhi Boys, well then you always have the option of NOT PUTTING UP WITH THEM. If you feel that your olive skin, long hair or higher intellect is not appreciated by them, well honey, go find a new audience. I can personally assure that all of these traits, especially the last one , will be highly appreciated by a common “Delhi Boy”, if you try to find a real one. As for your comments about the dressing and style sense, lets leave that topic untouched for I fear that it will open a pandora’s box and there will be ugliness everywhere.

To conclude let me just clarify WTF my problem is. You had some really good points, really good ones. Hell even I would have agreed to them (Women Empowerment was a strong one and I am with you on that one on situation in North India in general). But maybe you spent all your energy in delivering articulate witty bitterness that you totally missed out on delivering those points with correct effect. Generalization is a bitch. And that you did. You met a few (ok, many) bad specimens and made a generalization about the whole damn community. I am a proud Delhi Boy who loves the ability of the city to accept people from all states with love and support. I am proud to be in a city where I can have a continental breakfast, paranthas for lunch and sambhar-rice for dinner and to be a “Delhi Boy” to be able to have an appetite to handle all this. If you have an issue with a specific group of people then take my “Delhi Boy” advice, give them the finger and MOVE ON.

Note: I do not want to pick a fight and I am certainly pro reforming the traits discussed by the writer of the open letter. I am just a firm believer of “Generalization is a bitch” and hate to be generalized in such a gross manner. I would recommend that the next time the writer feels the need to write such a piece, she should target the correct culprits and maybe title the article “An Open Letter to the one weird person I met the other day at that place”.

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