Buy my time akhil

I have been building technology products since 2007. I started my career in the cut-throat world of Fintech where I built tools and processes which powered Hedge Funds worth Billions (Yes with a capital B) of Dollars. I have built products for clients ranging from small startups to huge corporations, from internal tools built to be used by a handful of people to massive consumer-facing products used by thousands of people every minute. I have worked personally as well as managed some of the best people in the industry using the best tools and frameworks the world of programming has to offer. In short - If you need help with your product, I am your man.

Even though I have a satisfying day job at Faballey where I am handling the task of constantly building newer, greater features that scale faster than the business scales I do miss working with new people and new challenges sometimes. I have over 13+ years of pure consulting experience which I feel is way too precious to be locked away and kept hidden from the world. So here I am, giving you the opportunity to buy my time to benefit from my experience.

What could be the possible scenarios where buying my time would be profitable for you

  1. You are a non-technical start-up founder who is thinking about building a new product but are not sure where to start.
  2. You have a product in place but lack technology leadership and are entirely dependant on developers or external agencies looking for a consulting CTO.
  3. You do have a product in place with a decent team but it lacks the know-how and experience to scale the product to the next level.
  4. You are a technologist/entrepreneur who is looking for a seasoned mentor.
  5. Your team is struggling with an especially tricky module and wants an external pair of eyes to look at the problem from a fresh point of view.
  6. You want me to share my knowledge and experience at your event/podcast/seminar.

How much does my time cost?

Well, it depends. I need to like your idea/project/purpose first. If we get past that stage it could be as low as buying me a beer to get a chance to pick my brain over a meeting if I really love the idea. If you really really want me to give you a dollar figure then it would be anywhere between $75-$200/hour depending on who you are and what you seek. Again, do not let these numbers deter you from contacting me. If I like your idea, numbers can change.

Mentorship will always be free. My bandwidth would be the only constraint in this case.

How do you contact me?

You can message me on my LinkedIn here to initiate a conversation about your project -

Some Fine Print

  1. My primary loyalty would lie towards my employer at the moment. In case of any conflicts of interests or non-compete related issues, I will have to politely decline your project.
  2. I cannot guarantee my availability in advance so it can not be assumed that I will be able to take up your project whenever you get in touch with me, even if I really want to. Having said this, if I commit you my time - You will get it.