I refuse to write about the rape

The section leading to this part has been intentionally left blank as I do not want refuse to write about the Delhi rape. A lot has been written by almost everyone. Bloggers wrote heartfelt posts about it and others filled the social media networks with their views. Some blamed the system, while others blamed the police. Many shed lights on the gaping holes in the law. A lot has been written really. Everyone has someone to blame and they write to transfer this blame. They write “it’s the society’s fault”. Some call the society orthodox while others call it insensitive. What noone writes is “we are the society”. We are the ones to be blamed. Police can not prevent rapes. Laws cannot prevent crimes. All police can do is catch the criminals and laws can get them prosecuted. It is not the governments failure. It is ours. We let such incidents happen. It is our fault that we only wait for such events to wake up. We light out candles and hold our signs and then we go back to sleep. Waiting for the next rape, the next terror attack, the next blast.
I don’t have a solution. I wish I had. I too am angry and sad. More angry than sad. I just know one thing that something needs to be done. And I will have to do it. At my level. We all will have to change ourselves, individually for a change to come. We need to stop looking up to authorities for things we can do. As a man I pledge that I will never let myself be a participant in violence towards women. Not the perpetrator not a witness. I need to make sure that even the smallest of incidents are reported and dealt with. I will never pass by a woman being harassed. I will no longer take “this is our personal issue” as an answer. I need to stop letting “police harassment” as a deterrent. I need to stop this from happening again.
We need to stop writing about it bring a change in our lives. Only we, not the police, not the govt, not the law can prevent such incidents from happening. A lot has been written really. A lot needs to be done.

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