Raees, and the genre of mediocre movies

Raees in an unforgivably mediocre movie. But honestly, the mediocrity of a film is never the real problem. A lot of times a project that seemed like a great idea, in the beginning, ends up with a not so good execution. Passable movies as an end product are definitely not the problem. The problem, especially with this one, is that clearly the makers of Raees were actually only aiming for mediocrity. Throughout the movie, it seems the goal was to keep it just ‘good enough’ so that it does not tank. A good enough movie, along with a megastar and ultra-hyped marketing strategy, can work wonders in terms of box office collections. The movie lacked any good scenes or even a single good moment. Every character, except only the lead, was a prop. Replaceable, as well as removable, without making an iota of an effect on the movie. I personally feel bad for the actress, who I’ve heard has done some really good work in her country, come all the way here to just be an accessory for the songs.

The reason that filmmakers can even think of aiming for such passable movies is because we, as movie-goers, have accepted such mediocre movies and have time and again made them multi-crore success. We flock to the theatres every time a Sultan, Dangal or Raess releases just because of the lead actors. It would defy all business sense for a movie maker to not continue following this path of averageness just for the sake of financial security. So they continue making such movies which you will forget as soon as you’ve had your post-movie dinner, maybe just remembering the Sunny Leone item song or Nawaz’s entry. Nothing else. Only we can do something about it. But as masses, we won’t. Till then hurrah to such average films and their success.

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