Latest Pet Project : Check DND Status

I love small pet projects. This love drives me to starting a lot of small projects even though i might not complete them. I wish I get more time and am able to finalize a lot of those tiny useful utilities and fun app. I am pretty psyched by the fact that I have been able to finish a pet project after a long time. It was a small project with very little coding involved but it was fun. Hence I bring to you

The only reason I decided to write this app is because I had the relevant data readily available. A simple Google search will reveal that there are already a lot of such apps/services available but I really doubt they are being updated regularly (I could be very wrong). I feel most of them are riding the big SEO wave to make money through ads. As for this I may or may not put ads on this service (only if traffic is high and server takes a heavy toll) but one thing is for sure, if I am not able to maintain or update it properly I will take it down. As a policy that we follow at Green Apple Solutions, we never release untested, unapproved or unsupported code. This has worked pretty well for us so far and I personally this this is a great policy. Anyways the service can be found here. In case you have a feedback to share just write to me.

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