The 7 year wait

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They say love begins to fade 7 years into a relationship. The ‘7 year itch’ they call it. The habits and actions you like in the beginning no longer seem cute. All you see are the dark parts of the relationship and hence the itchy irritation. I don’t believe that.

I met a girl 7 years back. I had known her since my childhood but we were reintroduced in our lives again 7 years back. We became friends, then best friends and then we fell in love. I think know she is the best thing that happened to me. I still am amazed and amused by her curious eyes and the way she still cannot keep herself from feeling shy when I am looking at her. The face she makes when she takes the first bite of something yummy is still my favorite and feel blesses when I see that she still smiles when she seem me. We have seen a lot of things in the past 7 years. Good times and the not so good times. Almost everything changed around us. What didn’t change was what we had for each other. I don’t think this 7 year itch thing works because every day I love her more than the previous day. And she does too.

The 7 year wait has almost come to an end now. All the efforts and prayers have borne their fruit and we are all set to get married on the 5th of next month. (5th March 2014). For more details about us and our wedding visit

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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