Let Shit Happen

Shit HappensShit happens. Yes it does. You will not get the job that you always wanted to. You will get reprimanded by your boss. Yes your spouse will fight with you for no reason and then blame it on you. Your colleagues will try to sabotage your career. Your pet will die. Shit will happen. But it happens for a reason. Not to make your life miserable, that is just an effect, but to prepare you for even harder challenges in life. Any problem of any field, any time or any scope comes with a lesson. Every bad experience goes away trying to teach you something. This is what the proverbial silver lining is all about. It is always up to you to rise above the problem and find a resolution and to make sure that any lesson or experience that came with the problem was absorbed and understood. Assess the problem, assess why it came, what you could have done to avoid it and what you would do to fix it. Once it is fixed, look back. What you can take from it. How it changed your life, temporarily or permanently? What you can remember so that it does not happen again and if it does you know how to tackle. Look into the finer details as all big issue are made up of smaller problems. If you are able to do all this and come out with a learning then that becomes a successful problem. A failed interview prepares for the next. A bug fix today will take you a long way. A betrayal today will improve your ability to judge people. A fight today with your spouse will be more love tomorrow. Try to make the most of the problem because the life is unfair and it will keep throwing more hurdles at you. The best you can do is dodge the ones that you can remember and try to identify the new ones. This will work. This always has and this always will.

And if all this fails stand up, dust yourself and smile because somewhere someone is having an even worse day for sure.

Shit Happens. And it happens for good.

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