Quitting does not mean losing

Sometimes you have to quit. You might not want to but you have to. Quitting might be the only option. And boy is it hard. It is extremely difficult for a self-respecting person to call it quits on anything. You will want to delay it as much as possible and try to find small reasons to keep lingering to the activity but it takes real courage to actually quit. You will not want to face the world and avoid any kind of contact. Although quitting is usually seen as a sign of giving up and accepting defeat, it is not all that bad. Sometimes it is a good thing even. If you are stuck is a rut of a life quitting is the best thing possible. If you are employed and you do not like your job, it doesn’t make sense to continue. If you are a student and you don’t think this course is the right life choice for you, moving forward is simply wasting precious time. If you are an entrepreneur and you don’t see your venture performing as you expected and don’t think that you can pivot it is better to move on. And the sooner you realize that the better it is to you. If you are a creator - ventures, products and startups will keep happening to you but for that to happen you need to quit that one venture, that one product that is not just working. As an entrepreneur I can understand that it is extremely hard to quit or abandon a product that you have so dearly envisioned and nurtured. You find it hard to come in terms with the fact that even though you did your best it did not work out. You might have the reasons in front of you but you just don’t want to believe. But you need to let go. For you need your hands and mind to be free to build something wonderful. And I believe that failures teach you a lot more than any success can do.

Remember only a winner can realize that it is the time to quit.
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