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The thing about Udta Punjab

The thing about Udta Punjab is that the the track involving Alia Bhatt, who has performed the best of all, has nothing to do with drugs. The reason for the misfortune of that character was not drugs but greed and if you really want to stretch it, curiosity. It could very easily have been guns, gold or top secrets. So no matter how much you appreciate the antics Read more »


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

This is probable the most popular quote of the great Muhammad Ali. And trust me it is not just a quote. If you go and watch any of his fights on Youtube you see all the floating and the stinging happening. Some people deserve to be called legends. Ali was one. And not because he was a great and successful boxer. Read more »


You are average. But its ok.

A bird can just be a bird. When the sun rises it isn’t accompanied by a feeling of dread. It’s daily tasks are solely comprised of being a bird and being a bird still.

Humans are a problem. There’s no place for us. I cant just go out into the woods and be a human. Read more »


Basic Tips for Movember Bros

Happy Movember

November is here and someone has introduced you to the concept of Movember. Not the exact philanthropic cause observed by men throughout the word but the oversimplified version – don’t shave for a month. And now you are a Movember bro because its easy to do and now you have a valid excuse for looking scruffy. Anyways now since you have decided to do it, why not do it right. Here are a few tips for Movember Bros who are all new to this growing and keeping facial hair on how to get through the month without losing your mind and dignity.

First things first, understand what Movember is all about. Movember (The Month Formerly Known As November) Is A Moustache Growing Charity Event Held During November Each Year That Raises Funds And Awareness For Men’s Health. Read more about it at the official site here. Even if you do not donate at least know why you are doing what you are doing.

Invest in a good quality trimmer. Movember does not mean looking like a bum. Keep a neatly trimmed beard. A trimmer is anyways a good investment.

Around 2 weeks into the process the itching will start. Use a good quality skin moisturiser to counter it. Avoid using anything with alcohol as it will make your skin dry and beard hard which will result in more itching. If you want to go all the way get a specialised moisturisers for beards.

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All I want for Christmas

All I want for ChristmasI stopped looking up to god for specific things a long time back. For it is possible that what I think I need or is good for me might not be. And also it wouldn’t take god, if he exists, too long to realize that this kid only comes to me when he needs something. Since then my prayers have been super generic leaving all the burden on god himself to figure out what is good for me and then make that happen. Now it is hard to keep this resolution. Time to time I am in the mood to tell god that it is the right time for my Maserati and that a Gulf Stream makes sense now. Festive times are especially hard when you are constantly tempted to make a request or two. Today also I have a list ready of things that I want from god as my Christmas present. Again I will not ask for anything specific or materialistic but again it would not be as vague as world peace (dear god, if you could manage, world peace would be nice). I am a selfish being and most of my desires are local.

Smiles for the people I love and people who love me - all the wealth and all the tasty foods of the world combined cannot match the happiness that the smile of a loved one can get you. Please always give them the reason to smile. Make me the mean to it if you can.

Common sense and empathy to fellow citizens - patriotism is a virtue that does not come naturally to me. I am an Indian by the way of default and I feel no shame in accepting that India would not have been my first choice if I was indeed given one. But that does not mean that it has to be like that. I would be happy to see India grow and shine and contribute to it myself. And I think this would start with us Indians getting some common sense and empathy. The world would be a better place if we only start to honk less.

A strong will and resolve - although I have been blessed in that front by you there are times when I begin to falter and my will gets weak. Make me strong to accomplish the goals that you have set for me.

More clients and employees like I currently have - I cannot express in words how awesome my clients as well as my employees are. The clients treat us like their team and the employees treat us like family. Keep it like that and give more power to them.

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Lessons from the 27th year of life

Happy Bday Atal Bihari Vajpayee, one of the best prime ministers India has even seen used to write a poem on his every birthday. He is a great poet and if you can read Hindi poetry you much try his works. Not I am not Atal Bihari nor am I a poet but last time I wrote a post on my birthday where I introspected and shared the lessons that year had brought to me. As I turn 27 today it would only make sense to continue this tradition and try to keep doing it as long as I can. I’ll be honest that this year was not as eventful as the last one was but it brought with it not great lessons and memories nonetheless. Also a lot of the lessons from last year were reaffirmed this time.  Some of the new learnings this year brought with it are

Fight for what you love – Love is not a small thing and should not be taken lightly. If you claim to love something you should not just be working for it, taking care of it but you should be ready to fight anything for it. It does not matter what it is but if you love something you have to give it your 100%. Life is too short for taking important things for granted.

Build more, sell even more – Technology entrepreneurs usually tend to fall in love with their product/venture and are happy with that only. They are content with the fact that they have made a technically sound product and that it should sell itself. At times they get so attached that they even start neglecting any feedback that they might be receiving. This year taught me that selling is as important as building a great product. Selling is the gap between a great and a successful product.

You can’t rise until you help others rise – You cannot be successful alone. You just cant. If you are a vendor you cannot rise unless your clients succeed, and if you are a customer you cannot benefit if your vendor is not progressing. A company rises only with the rise of the employees and not just the bosses. So be inclusive. Involve others in your plans and build new relationships. Unless you make things happen for others the same would never happen for you. Start trusting people if you want them to trust you.

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How to find happiness

How to get happyThe ultimate goal for anything and everything that we do is to be happy. The entire human race fights with life every single day to find happiness. Or at least for what we believe would be the means to happiness. We run after material gains, social stature and anything that we think we need to be happy. What really surprises me that even though everyone is working just to be happy, still there is so much sorrow in the world? Every man is constantly pursuing happiness and yet he is able to find sorrow which he is not even looking for. I know in the cycle of life bad times are bound to come. And sometimes they tend to stay for long and that would naturally make one sad. But being sad and quitting happiness are two very different things and quitting on happiness is the worst thing that one could do. Sorrow is a very powerful emotion it is very easy for us to be influenced with the smallest amount of sadness. Now I cannot tell you where to find happiness for I believe all the happiness that you need is within you only. In the bad times it is just pushed to the back of our minds by the sorrow and tensions that take the lead. It is not lost or destroyed but just hidden. And it is easy to assume something hidden from our sight to be lost. I am not a spiritual guru or an enlightened mind who will bestow on you eternal happiness or the meaning of life. What I am is someone who has experienced sorrow and I can share with you what I do to get past the sadness and find the happiness that is hidden deep within.

All bad times come to an end – It is easy to believe that the bad times stretch for eternity and the good times just vanish very fast but that actually is not true. Life is nothing but a series of random events that take place one after another governed by the probabilities that are defined by your past. What this means is that no longer how long a phase lasts or what kind it is, it will come to an end. Good times will succeed the bad times and to look forward to those good times is enough to give you hope.

Life is long and short at the same time – It takes only a moment for life to end. That moment could come today or tomorrow or 100 years from now. But all it takes is just one moment. Which means we need to start living our life one moment at a time. Which means the most important moment in your life is the one that you are currently living. Now if this is the most important moment in your life would it not make sense to concentrate on the happy things in life than the sad ones even if the sad ones heavily outweigh the good ones. Always live every moment as if the next could be your last and this is the only life that you have.

Concentrate on what you have and not on what you don’t - Happiness in not something one can achieve or gain directly. So we relate happiness with things or actions (vessels) that we think make us happy. They could be material items, social actions or anything else. We measure our happiness as we measure these vessels. We believe the more we get the happier we are. But what we in turn do is the exact opposite. We correlate the absence or lack of these vessels with the lack of happiness. Which to be stating simply means that we get sad when we don’t have what we want. We tend to lose focus from things that we have and worry about the ones that we don’t. You might have all the wealth in the world but the thought that someone else has more is enough to make you unhappy. But does this makes sense? I don’t think so. We are so engrossed in pursuing the things that we think will make us happy that we forget what we have. We need to remember that if there are people who have more than what we have, there are also people who have a lot less than us. I at times am thankful that I have a full head of hair, an able body, a caring family and a few good friends. Anything above and beyond is a perk.

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